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Training for Lifesaving Awards.

Rookie Lifeguard

  Rookie Lifeguard Junior Lifesaving
Junior programmes offer awards for 8-13
year olds. The programmes cover water safety, self-rescue, rescue and emergency response. The awards allow students to pace themselves, gain badges and certificates and progress through the various programmes.    Our thriving Rookie section is also very active in competition.


   Survive & Save Programme


There are 3 levels of award  




Each level has a CORE ELEMENT that all candidates must take before they are eligible for an award.  

v     It is a pre-requisite that each candidate should have gained a LIFE SUPPORT AWARD.

v     Demonstrate a knowledge of the following:-

                        first aid

                        hazard awareness and safety


                        emergency management  

v     Demonstrate

                        A number of rescue, self-rescue and survival skills in the swimming pool

                        An appropriate level of fitness  i.e. Timed swim (50m);      Distance swim  (200m);      Speed rope coil  

After this there is a choice of 4 bronze awards in the following categories

v     MEDALLION LIFESAVING AWARD  completed in the swimming pool.

v     BEACH LIFESAVING AWARD completed in the sea

v     STILL WATER LIFESAVING AWARD completed at inland open water sites.  E.g Arrow Valley Lake

v     SPORT LIFESAVING AWARD completed in the swimming pool.


Candidates may then either select to specialise in one strand e.g. the Medallion Award and progress from Bronze to Silver and Gold


Sample other awards at the same level e.g  Bronze in the Medallion Award and Bronze in Still Water Lifesaving.  

They could then progress to silver in either of these or pick up another Bronze in another strand.  

It is possible for candidates with previous lifesaving experience; e.g. holding an old bronze medallion award; to start at Silver Award level.  However, it is anticipated, that the majority of those specialising in the  Sport Lifesaving Award will start at Bronze level.


The ultimate lifesaving award is the DISTINCTION.

To achieve this a candidate must achieve  gold, in three of the available strands within 24 months.

Training for Open Water Lifesaving Awards  


 Still Water Survive and Save  Awards  can be taken at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Training takes place at Arrow Valley Lake in the summer.
Beach Lifesaving Survive and Save  Awards  can be taken at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.    Training and assessment of these takes place on our annual tripto Poole where we train and assess on the beach at Sandbanks.  For many this is the highlight of the year!  Those who wish to do the beach awards usually   do the Still Water Awards first and it is a prerequisite that those on the trip should have cold water experience, usually as part of out Still Water training.

Life Support

Life-support and Life-support 3
The Life-Support award introduces the basic skills for lifesaving and is good preparation for those considering the Survive & Save Programme, it is alao forms part of the Survive and Save Awards.
Life- Support 3  builds on life support to develop higher level life support skills.  It teaches life support for Adults, children and infants. As well as how to share CPR between two trained operators and training through emergency scenarios. 


After Survive and Save


What Next?

There are the following options:-

       Keep up your skills by swimming with the

Winter League

       Learn Advanced Life Support and gain the

Life Support 3 Award

       Train to become a

Lifesaving Assistant Tutor

(N.B.  You need to achieve Life Support 3 prior to taking the Assistant Tutors Course)


N.B.  These awards also cover the GCSE Swimming requirements for PE as well as the Bronze level for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme